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Diseases can strike to anyone anytime. The worst part, they arrive unannounced in most cases. It’s therefore important to be ready to face them. But how? Simple, through preventive health check or PHC. PHC is extremely helpful in early detection of all types of diseases. It helps unearth risks factors that are already into the system and that can cause great, or irreparable, damage to the body. With preventive health check, a set of tests are carried out to find any signs or diseases that can be harmful to the body. These tests are specifically designed keeping in mind health issues of individuals.

Why Preventive Health Check?

Critical illness can come at the doorstep anytime. No matter how better you eat or do regular exercises, you just can’t control certain diseases from happening. You however can detect them at early stage and minimize the risks to a great degree.

Preventive health check is important for various reasons, including:

  • Early identification of ailments or diseases
  • Minimization of risk factors
  • Early detection and timely treatment

Preventive Health Check at Asian Vivekanand Hospital

At Asian Vivekanand Hospital, we are committed to offering complete health to people from all strata of the society. Our preventive health check aims to detect diseases or illnesses at an early stage to help people get timely treatment. We have devised special health check-up packages for people of all age groups. Our check-ups involve comprehensive tests to identify or detect signs of diseases. With preventive health check, we strive the utmost to screen people completely and find any early signs or symptoms of critical diseases. Our check-up plans, coupled with recovery treatment, help people become disease-free and lead a healthy life. With early detection, people will not only save a lot of money but also minimize the risks to a great level.

What is unique about PHC at Asian Vivekanand Hospital?

We bring to you a range of health screen programs that suit specific needs of individuals. We bring personalize health check as we understand that each individual faces different medical problems.

There are many unique things about the PHC offered by us, including :

  • A tailor-made plan depending on one’s susceptibility to develop diseases
  • A screening plan based on multiple factors involving family history
  • Physical examinations and consultation by only experienced doctors
  • Superior results through a system of referral to sub-specialists, wherever needed
  • A combination of tests and detailed discussions with the doctor to get a complete check-up benefit
  • An extremely professional approach in interpretation of test results
  • Reliable reports on the back of trained technicians using only technologically advanced testing equipment
  • Superior follow-up services with constant advice and guidance to keep diseases away

Preventive health check – benefits

You will get many benefits with preventive health check at Asian Vivekanand hospital. Those benefits include:

  • You will save the inconvenience and distress that comes from painful symptoms
  • You won’t have to undergo medical procedures which causes great pain in most cases
  • You will save the expenses that otherwise go in visiting the doctor or hospital
  • You will get an economical treatment as your disease is detected at an early stage
  • PHC works like an investment or personal insurance plan
  • An annual preventive check-up will always be more economical and beneficial than regular visits to the doctor
  • You can plan your life and minimize risks arising out of critical illness

Diseases detected through Preventive Health Check

Preventive health check can detect a number of diseases at early stage. It can save a lot of inconveniences that undetected diseases often go on to cause.

They can detect diseases as varied as :

  • Cases of cancer
  • Cancer in women
  • Diabetes
  • Metabolic disorders
  • High blood pressure
  • High Cholesterol

Packages under preventive health check

Prevention is better than cure. Sign up today for preventive health check and detect diseases even before symptoms are visible. Visit Asian Vivekanand Hospital and benefit from a variety of packages offered under preventive health check. These packages are designed with helpful medical tests and procedures keeping in mind age groups and specific requirements.

You can buy any of these packages:

  • Basic Health Check
  • Whole Body Check
  • Comprehensive health check
  • Cardiac check

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