The Emergency Unit at Asian Vivekanand is located on the ground floor for convenient and swift access in case of any emergency. The 24/7 Trauma Centre is a one stop Accident & Emergency facility, equipped to handle a range of medical crises, from minor to critical emergencies, resusciations to complex road traffic accidents. All emergencies are managed in a 15 bedded emergency care unit. Dedicated elevators ensure quick transfer of patients to operating rooms and ICUs. Round the clock ambulance services at the institute provide for 24×7 cover for trauma patients and has the best in class critical life-saving equipment onboard.

Trauma Critical Care

Immediate medical assistance is important to save the lives of patients faced with emergency conditions. More so, emergency medical services offered in a timely time manner boost the chances of survival for patients. Critical Care & Trauma centre is available at all major hospitals in the world with the purpose of providing immediate assistance to those facing a range of critical conditions. Under this, patients are provided quick evaluation, diagnosis and treatment to avert the risks of life-threatening medical conditions. Critical Care specialists and emergency medicine doctors bring help and care in the shortest possible time to save lives.

What are trauma injuries?

Trauma is basically a bodily injury which can either be simple or serious. It can include life-threatening injuries resulting in multiple implications leading to death in certain cases. Trauma injuries can come in different forms and they can lead to shock, organ damage and respiratory failure. Neurological complications can also occur due to such injuries.

Trauma injuries may be of various types:

  • Bony Trauma
  • Spine Trauma
  • Head Injury
  • Poly Trauma
  • Abdominal & Chest Injury

The department of Trauma Critical Care at Asian Vivekanand Hospital

At Asian Vivekanand Hospital, we understand the value of timely medical care and assistance to patients facing life-threatening diseases. Our Trauma Critical Care is equipped with all the medical tools and equipment to provide medical care in the shortest possible time. Our advanced labs and imaging test results help us greatly in quick diagnosis and swift treatment without wasting any time. The department is ready on a 24-hour basis to treat trauma patients. From critical care transport to surgical care to rehabilitation services – our experienced staff is always ready to deliver the best of treatment to patients facing emergency conditions.

Role of an Emergency Team at Asian Vivekanand Hospital

We have a trained and qualified team of emergency doctors or emergency physicians to provide medical assistance and care to patients needing immediate care. These physicians are well-versed in every aspect of emergency care to do justice to their role and provide the best of care on an immediate basis to patients.

An emergency physician at us performs many roles, including:

  • An emergency doctor possesses or combines the skills of many specialists together.
  • The physician is trained in use of all emergency care machines and equipment such as monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps, OT lights etc.
  • Such a physician has deep knowledge of all life-saving medicines and equipment required for resuscitation purposes.
  • Conduct and interpret basic radiology investigations
  • Administer and manage sedation
  • Set or treat a fractured bone or dislocated joint
  • Preliminary treatment of a heart attack (Cardiology)
  • Emergency bedside procedures

Trauma Critical Care – Treatment

At Asian Vivekanand Hospital, we ensure that the best of treatment and services are made available to patients in the shortest possible time. Our approach, treatment and services to patients facing emergency conditions follow the standard route.

They include:

  • Patients are received and then their criticalness is assessed
  • Treatment starts for patients based on priorities or criticality of the conditions
  • We give immediate care (facing life-threatening diseases), urgent (not life-threatening) and less urgent care.
  • We run ambulance services equipped with life-saving equipment and qualified medical staff.

Trauma Critical Care – Services

We are always ready to receive patients facing emergency and needing immediate medical services. In the task, we are ably supported by our services and all major specialities or units available at us.

Our services in emergency conditions are ably supported by, including:

  • Emergency Department
  • Critical Care Unit
  • Blood Bank
  • Surgery Suites
  • Emergency OT
  • 24-hour multi-slice CT scan
  • Lab services
  • Rehabilitation Centre
  • 24 hours speciality & super-speciality backup
  • Advanced treatment of complicated brain injuries

Trauma Critical Care – Facilities

Our critical care & trauma centre is fully-equipped to provide immediate care and medical assistance to patients in need.

We have world-class facilities to ensure immediate assistance and medical care in the quickest possible time – our facilities include:

  • A fully-equipped emergency department with exclusive and convenient entry for ambulances
  • A well-equipped Triage area for immediate risk prioritization and subsequent care
  • Adequate beds with life support system
  • Fully-equipped Emergency Operation Theatre (OT)
  • Ambulances with ICU-on-wheels
  • Mobile unit with equipment to control heart function, monitor ECG, for respiration and resuscitation
  • Advanced Pathology department with 24×7 back-up
  • Round-the-clock operation Radiology Department

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